The Catholic Education Office recognises the importance of bringing Aboriginal voices into the classroom and demonstrates its commitment through this program by reimbursing schools for employing GECKOS Presenters.

All WA Catholic schools have access to the GECKOS Guest Presenters Program.

There is a file containing forms and information in every school.

In the GECKOS file you will find a list of Aboriginal people who are willing to come into schools to enrich the curriculum by sharing their stories and their skills which include:

  • Welcome to Country
  • storytelling - Dreaming stories; personal stories
  • talking with students and staff about Stolen Generation experiences, Reconciliation
  • teaching local history
  • teaching about traditional culture
  • teaching about contemporary culture
  • teaching about bush foods and bush medicines
  • dance performances
  • dance workshops
  • art workshops
  • Aboriginal environmental perspectives

Through this program students and staff have the opportunity to:

  • meet Aboriginal people
  • learn about shared Australian history
  • consider an Aboriginal perspective on Australian history
  • break down stereotypes
  • see Aboriginal people reflected in the curriculum
  • learn about the richness and diversity of Aboriginal people in Australia
  • gain an appreciation of the contribution of both traditional and contemporary Aboriginal culture to Australian life
  • appreciate Aboriginal culture as a living culture, not all in the past
  • learn that culture is dynamic

It is expected that GECKOS presenters be invited into schools as an integral part of a program of learning rather than just a one-off isolated visit. It is not solely for use as a National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week activity. It need not be an Aboriginal Studies program in particular. Use the program to challenge stereotypes. For example invite an Aboriginal lawyer or policeperson to the school when studying Law & Order; invite an Aboriginal doctor or Health Worker when learning about health.
The GECKOS Program is our number one resource for integrating Aboriginal perspectives into the curriculum and all Catholic schools are urged to make full use of it.

(Please note that in keeping with other Catholic Education Office documents, the word Aboriginal in this document refers to all Indigenous people of Australia.)


Last updated: 22/08/14