The history of Aboriginal people is extensive. It is essential to gain knowledge and understanding of the history, significant events, sites and the people associated with the local area.

The events of the past are very important to people, this includes Aboriginal Australians.

Family Dynamics

  • The traditional living practices of some Aboriginal groups remain in place today.
  • A student may have the roles and responsibilities of an adult.
  • The extended family may include significant people and members of the local or surrounding communities.
  • Information and knowledge of groups (particularly relationships between families) is essential.


  • In the event of a funeral, an extended amount of leave may be taken.
  • Behaviour patterns may change when the family returns from the mourning period.
  • During the time of leave, a plan should be established which outlines how the education, social and emotional well-being of the student/s will be addressed.

Health and learning

  • Teachers should have a knowledge of the physical, social and emotional health and wellbeing issues that affect Aboriginal students.
  • Teachers must be aware of the signs of other issues and disabilities.
  • Teachers should access, wherever possible, Aboriginal specific support services.


  • Housing issues can have a direct link on the educational outcomes of Aboriginal youth.

Last updated: 13/02/11